MJ SPLITTER 1/8" Kerf Model
MJ SPLITTER 1/8" Kerf Model
MJ SPLITTER 1/8" Kerf Model
MJ SPLITTER 1/8" Kerf Model
MJ SPLITTER 1/8" Kerf Model
MJ SPLITTER 1/8" Kerf Model

MJ SPLITTER 1/8" Kerf Model

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MJ SPLITTER for 1/8" Kerf Table Saw Blades

Fast and accurate table saw splitters made for 1/8" kerf saw blades.

Popular aftermarket table saw splitter for preventing kickback on table saws 
Voted Best Tool by Popular Woodworking (2004) for Table Saw Safety!
Installs directly to wood or plastic Zero Clearance Inserts (Throatplates)
Mini-featherboard technology keeps the workpiece against the fence and prevents burning
Simple instructions and installation drill guide included
For making 90˚ cuts only. Kerf range 0.118" – 0.145"


    Product Description:

    The MJ SPLITTER system is a low profile splitter that is simple to install, and obtains effective results by keeping stock burn free, and reduces kick back as well as providing a mini feather board effect.

    MJ SPLITTER is designed to be installed into a zero-clearance insert, and the MJ SPLITTER comes with installation guide, drill guide and drill bit for installation.

    Each package comes with two MJ SPLITTERs. The 1/8" Kerf Splitter System is designed for kerf ranges: 0.118" – 0.145". Always use the correct MJ SPLIITER corresponding to your saw blade.

    Packages do not include zero-clearance inserts. Only use for 90 degree thru-cuts. Made in the USA.

    What's in the box:

    Includes 2 splitters, precision drill guide, drill bit, and screws.

    Includes written and YouTube installation instructions.

    What people are saying:

    "In just 30 minutes you can make your saw 30 times safer with the Micro Jig." - Christopher Schwartz, Popular Woodworking

    Best New Tool 2004 Popular Woodworking

    "Amp-Up Your Table Saw!" Recommendation by WOOD Magazine

    "Simple Saw Safety" - American Woodworker

    "There are no more good excuses. Get safe. Get a Micro Jig Splitter." -  Christopher Schwartz, Popular Woodworking


    Zero Clearance Insert required for installation. Sold separately.

    Prevent kickback like never before. Add to your cart today!

    Made in the USA. A true MICROJIG innovation.


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