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MATCHFIT Dovetail Hardware Variety (8-Pack)

MATCHFIT Dovetail Hardware Variety (8-Pack)

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NEW MATCHFIT Dovetail Hardware Variety Pack 2.0 (8-Pack)

Create a variety of jigs that move freely, and tighten down anywhere you can route a groove. Compatible with standard ½” 14-degree dovetail profile. 8-Pack includes two of each MatchFit dovetail hardware style.

MicroJig’s MATCHFIT Dovetail Hardware has taken the woodworking community by storm, allowing users the freedom to use, hold and fasten parts where and how they need them without expensive T-Track components. And now we’ve made the hardware even better. You will get all the benefits of the original hardware, along with new components and improved quality!

To begin with, we have added a 2” long Track Screw to the line. This extended length means better reach with thicker materials or when working in hard-to-reach areas. Each 2” Track Screw comes with a wing knob, and two will be included in the new Variety Pack along with all the other hardware pieces. The 2” Track Screws will also be available in their own pack, just like the original hardware pieces.

The hardware packs will all now be sets of eight parts. The Variety Pack will still include two of each part in the hardware line, and that includes two of the new 2” Track Screws and wing knobs.

Always improving, MicroJig has worked with our manufacturers to improve the quality of the MATCHFIT Hardware. The molded parts of all components are made of a stronger resin for greater strength, and the threaded sections of the track screws are now full length to add more reach when clamping.

• The 1.0 Track Screw can now clamp stock a full 3/4" thick
• The 1.5 Track Screw clamps up to 1-1/4” thick.
• The 2.0 Track screw can reach as much as 1-3/4”


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