MATCHFIT Dado Stop Pro
MATCHFIT Dado Stop Pro
MATCHFIT Dado Stop Pro
MATCHFIT Dado Stop Pro
MATCHFIT Dado Stop Pro

MATCHFIT Dado Stop Pro

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MATCHFIT Dado Stop Pro by MICROJIG is a new all-in-one package that has everything you need to make air-tight box joints, surgically-precise inlays, and versatile dado cuts for your next projects.

Universally compatible with any standard table saw blade, create intricate, beautiful joinery without using stacked dado blades, or complicated setups.

The possibilities are limited only by your imagination. Perfectly-fitted dados, joinery, and inlays without measuring, marking, or test cuts. No stack dado set needed.

Easy to use:

Set the blade kerf with the MATCHFIT Setup Gauge. Trim the full kerf of your table saw blade for your own personal template. This will ensure consistent results every time you use this table saw blade.

Measure the actual part that will be fitted. Place the piece of stock to be fitted into the dado against the Setup Gauge, using it as a square.

Using the legs as a stop, make your shoulder cuts, then clear the center.

Insert the inlay material. A perfect fit, every time.

What people are saying:

"Table saw jig makes accurate dadoes with minimal setup" - Fine Woodworking

"I have to say I was very happy with how well it works and I can honestly say that the Dado Stop Pro is just another quality product from MICROJIG." - Eric Lindberg

"I was very impressed by the cleanliness of the packaging, and the assembly instructions were amazing. Though there were a number of parts, I was able to put it together in about 10 minutes. I am sure it's going to be the most used tool, behind sandpaper that I will use in my shop." - Amazon Customer

"In summary, the Dado Stop Pro does a great job at insuring perfectly cut dados every time. I used it for several dados of varying thicknesses and the fit was perfect every time. I can think of many uses for this on smaller projects for things like dados, half lap joints etc. As with all Microjig products, the components are well made and the inclusion of the setup Gauge is new in the PRO version. If you have the need for dados or half laps I highly recommend this product." - Joe Carroll

What’s in the box?

  • (1) MATCHFIT Dado Stop
  • (1) MATCHFIT Dovetail Clamp
  • (1) MATCHFIT Setup Gauge
  • (1) Illustrated Instruction Booklet

Designed in the USA. A true MICROJIG Innovation.

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