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GRR-RIPPER Advanced 

GRR-RIPPER is America's #1 best selling and most trusted adjustable pushblock. A must-have for any table saw. Over 350,000 sold worldwide. Join the smartest woodworkers today.

Protect hands and prevent kickback like never before and cut with surgical precision with the safest, most precise pushblock. For use on all table saws, bandsaws, router tables, and jointers. 

  • Unmatched control over the workpiece.
  • Virtually eliminate kickback 
  • Stabilizes for small and narrow parts and cuts safely.
  • Shields hands from blades and bits for ultimate protection.
  • Fully adjustable to meet your needs for your most demanding projects.
  • Incredible versatility for all your favorite woodworking machinery.

Henry Wang started MICROJIG and invented the GRR-RIPPER in his small garage workshop to cut precise small strips and eliminate waste in his projects. Now, the GRR-RIPPER has revolutionized the way we work with wood and available in 20 countries. Still proudly made in the USA.

Product Description:

GRR-RIPPER Advanced comes with 3 legs featuring proprietary Green GRR-RIP® non-slip material, built-in balance support, adjustable handle, and includes two additional accessories: Stabilizing Plate, Adjustable Spacer.

The GRR-RIPPER Advanced gives you the three essential forces of control you need when working on a table saw:

1) Downward Pressure: Keeps the material firmly on the tabletop and virtually eliminates kickback

2) Inward Pressure: Keeps the material gliding against the fence preventing wood drifting, burning, and binding

3) Forward Pressure: Feeds both the keeper and offcut of your cut with speed and accuracy parallel to the blade and fence 

The result is cleaner, incredibly precise cuts with your hands protected and keeping the wood under control throughout the cut.

Don't use a table saw without it. Work safer.


Cut with Surgical Precision with the 1/4" Leg and rip down to 1/4" on your Table Saw. With the optional 1/8" Leg, you can cut down to an impressive 1/8" for outstanding detail.

The powerful grip gives you unmatched control and holds over a variety of materials such as cherry, maple, walnut, poplar, purple heart, aluminum, plastics, and the list goes on. Save money on scrap and expensive exotic woods.

The GRR-RIPPER Advanced comes with two additional accessories for extreme versatility and precision in your shop: 

Stabilizing Plate locks the material against the fence keeping your work square and flush. It provides 250% more stabilizing surface to keep your work under control when resawing on the table saw or routing on the router table.

Adjustable Spacer gives you 54% more gripping surface and 1" of additional cut capacity to take on your biggest projects and wider cuts.

Essential precision, safety, and control for any table saw, router table, jointer, and band saw. 

Made in the USA. A true MICROJIG Innovation.

    What's in the Package:

    (1) GRR-RIPPER Advanced

    • 1/4" Leg
    • 1/2" Leg
    • Adjustable Center Leg
    • Adjustable Handle
    • Balance Support
    • Adjustable Spacer
    • Stabilizing Plate
    • Hardware
    (1) Illustrated Instructions
    (*) Access to Advanced Techniques Demo Videos

      Will It Work On My Woodworking Machinery:

      GRR-RIPPER Advanced is compatiable with virtually all table saws, router tables, jointers, and band saws. 

      Brands include but not limited to: Delta, Powermatic, Bosch, DeWalt, SkilSaw, SawStop, Kobalt, Rigid, Jet, Grizzly, Makita, Craftsman, etc.

      Safety For Every Shop Program:

      Your purchases support MICROJIG's safety initiative to donate GRR-RIPPERs to every public high school with a Career Technical Woodworking Program to help raise the standards for safety for the next generation. Thank you.

      Work Safer. Work Smarter.


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