Deflector / Connector
Deflector / Connector
Deflector / Connector

Deflector / Connector

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Deflector/Connector for GRR-RIPPER and GRR-RIP BLOCK

Acts as a chip deflector preventing material from flying towards you when freehand routing.

GRR-RIPPER/GRR-RIP BLOCK Accessory for additional chip deflection and lose debris protection
Add incredible protection to Table Saws and Router Tables
GRR-RIPPER Handle Bridge Kit accessory necessary for GRR-RIPPER use
No additional accessories needed for GRR-RIP BLOCK
Use it to connect two GRR-RIP BLOCKs for handling larger material
Easily attaches to top mount brass inserts on the GRR-RIP BLOCK
Fits all existing GRR-RIPPER Handle Bridge Kits and GRR-RIP BLOCK


    Product Description:

    The MJ Deflector/Connector Accessory is engineered for protection and chip/dust deflection. Keep flying debris at bay when free hand routing. Shield yourself from the sawdust and stay focused on the work.

    Deflector/Connector also serves as a bridge between two GRR-RIP BLOCK or GRR-RIPPER Pushblocks. It allows for multiple configurations when used on the table saw, router table, and shaper. Connect two GRR-RIP BLOCKs for handling larger material like raise panel door fronts while you pattern route. Or connect two GRR-RIPPER in tandem for ripping longer stock.

    Attaches directly to the GRR-RIPPER Handle Bridge accessory or GRR-RIP BLOCK. Easy to use and simple to attach. 

    Made in the USA. A true MICROJIG innovation. 

    Add to your cart and upgrade your safety today! 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. 

    Work Safer. Work Smarter.

    100% Satisfaction Guarantee

    What people are saying:

    "I'm convinced this is the safest push block system available. I've tried lots of other push bock systems, and I like this one the best, by far. I should have bought it long ago!" - Verified Customer

    "it is a necessary item with which to connect two Grippers to allow you to easily process longer pieces. I gladly bought it and use it." - Gary, Verified Customer

    "Great idea to keep your digits away from blades. They work great use mine all the time!" - Yanchi, Verified Customer


    Deflector/Connector easily connects to the GRR-RIPPER Handle Bridge:


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