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GRR-RIPPER Handle Bridge Kit Accessory



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GRR-RIPPER Handle Bridge Kit Accessory

Unique arch design gives the handle four points of contact to evenly distribute the downward pressure. Allows you to angle the handle for more ergonomic comfort.

  • GRR-RIPPER Accessory evenly distributes downward pressure
  • Arch design gives 4-points of surface contact
  • Angle handle towards the fence and virtually eliminates re-adjusting the handle.
  • Includes bonus Trailing Hook for grabbing the backend of the workpiece and reducing tearout.
  • GRR-RIPPERs sold separately. Made in the USA.


Product Description:

The GRR-RIPPER Handle Bridge Kit was developed to distribute even pressure to the entire surface of each Non-Slip Pad on your GRR-RIPPER by increasing the number of contact points when downward force is applied through the handle. The installation of the Handle Bridge will provide increased control, improved balance pressure on the work piece, and virtually eliminate the need to adjust the location of the handle. 

Fits all existing GRR-RIPPER models. GRR-RIPPERs sold separately.

Made in the USA.

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What people are saying:

"I love my Micro-jig, and these make it easier to handle and maneuver the work around my saw, keeping my hands away from the moving blade." - Verified Customer

"This is just another accessory to help make it easier and safer to cut wider stock. I like how I can keep even pressure in all directions on the wood, eliminating kickback and keeping an even speed when cutting on the table saw, plus keeping my hands away from the saw blade. I wouldn't use the table saw without the GRR-Ripper and its accessories." - Nancy, Verified Customer


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For international orders outside of USA, please email for a quote.

Work safer. Work smarter.

Extended 3-Year Warranty

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