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MATCHFIT 1" Dovetail Track Hardware (4-Pack)





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Introducing New MATCHFIT 1" Dovetail Track Hardware


Create jigs and shop fixtures with the incredibly versatile MATCHFIT Dovetail Hardware. With just a standard ½” 14-degree dovetail router bit, you can route your own tracks, eliminating the need for expensive aluminum t-track.

This one-of-a-kind hardware moves through the dovetail tracks below the surface, allowing you to create a variety of jigs that move freely and tighten down anywhere you can route a groove.

Create your own fences, stops, hold-downs, and assembly fixtures in a snap.

  • Compatible with any standard 14-degree by 1/2" dovetail router bit or the new MATCHFIT Dovetail Router Bit, available in ½” shanks.
  • The MATCHFIT 1" 10-32 Dovetail Track Hardware includes shoulder washers, which are compatible with the accessory notches found throughout the
    GRR-RIPPER line of products. 


Add to your cart today! Route your own tracks, and make every inch of your shop more functional.

Made in the USA






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